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Planning a house renovation in Singapore (Checklist)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Having received your new house keys, the process of realizing your Pinterest board ideas into your new dream home is daunting but immensely gratifying. At Haus Atelier, we are engaged by our clients to translate dreams into reality in a stress-free manner.

We have compiled our own checklist as a guide to help uncover the home-owning journey in Singapore.

Kitchen with stools and backyard area


1 Year from Move In

  • Decide on the type of property – HDB, Condo, Landed, Resale, New-Built, A&A etc.

  • Number of Rooms and Bathrooms required (future-proof)

  • Location – near good schools, near MRT, closer to parents.

  • Make a list of the ‘must-haves’ vs ‘nice-to-have’ elements of the new house.

  • Map a Timeline

  • Fix a Budget

  • Start a Pinterest board to curate your personal taste, lifestyle

  • Plan your accommodation during the renovation

  • Contact property agents, go property shopping.

9 Months Out

  • Shortlist 2/3 properties.

  • Before accepting your best fit property – we advise our clients to carry out a property health check first to ensure there is no hidden defects. A lot of the most expensive issues to a property tend to be ones you cannot see and sometimes the property agent may not point these out to you.

  • Get a home loan – take note that factors such as building completion can affect the loan package.

8 - 6 Months Out

  • Depending on the property type and scope of work, there may be longer or shorter than 6 months to renovate the property.

  • Get a floor plan from BCA - can view another post on how to do this.

  • Equipped with a floor plan, ideas and budget, approach some firms for a consultation to discuss design, materials and what they can do for your budget.

  • Make sure you feel comfortable working with your ID firm – it should feel like a partnership with communication working both ways throughout.

  • Check requirements for Authority Approvals, engage Qualified Person if submission is required.

3– 4 Months Out

  • This time is working solely with your ID firm of choice narrowing down designs and materials for your house renovation.

  • Confirm the numbers before starting construction works.

To make sense of your renovation or rebuilding situation, drop us a call or Book an Appointment so we can advise your best next steps!

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