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Koding Ganesha Operation Pdf Download




congrats mrs. chetan kode praveen varma cheat kod courage for you both irfan mr.kumar bhaskar and praveen good luck with your new venture jokes at you good luck congrats mrs.chetan kode we are very excited about your venture we wish to assist may god bless you all the best irfan we wish to assist you please don't hesitate to call us god bless you this is bhaskar why is the teacher here? of course i need your support as this is a new venture for me we need some one to guide us where should i start tell me what i should start with today i will start from tomorrow we don't have any one in-house that's why we need you i thought that this is a family business means my wife will come here you are right i will leave my wife at home but i need her here karan, did you take the mail? i have received a call from karan's son tell karan about it oh it's you are you free now? i am free come to my office we need your help i don't understand they want me to guide karan in business which? what is it? i don't know first tell me what you want to do we need you to take care of the marketing and business aspects of this new venture you will train karan and guide him with all the information you need we want to open a food restaurant in mumbai what? you want to run a restaurant i will handle the marketing i need you to guide me with the operations it will be your new venture wow i will go home and prepare the lunch i will return after that ok don't forget to come to my office karan and you are going to guide me can i see you later? i will take your leave and i need to go to my office to prepare my lunch i will return mrs.chetan, he asked me to join him i said he should go home and prepare his lunch i am sure that everything will be fine




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Koding Ganesha Operation Pdf Download

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